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This country home used by a family throughout the year as an escape from their urban working lives, located on a beautiful rural estate.

The use of the natural colour on all the oak cabinetry creates a seamless and soft flow throughout the entire home as you transition from one room to the next with a stunning effect with light throughout the day.  The room divider has blackened steel panels dividing the oak shelves, with all units angled to the ceiling and built in-situ to ensure a perfect finish in every space.

Builders: Cooper Construction
Designed by Glamuzina Architects
Interior Design by Indigo Design
Manufactured by DBJ Furniture Ltd
Photography by Sam Hartnett

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DBJ Furniture is a premium manufacturer of luxury kitchens, bathrooms, fit-outs, retreats and bespoke cabinetry. Delivering world class standards.

The DBJ Furniture team through their many years of expertise have crafted numerous bespoke kitchens and projects for a variety of clients. From minimalist designs to contemporary, modern designs and everything in between, DBJ Furniture will work with you directly or your preferred design professional to manage the process of creating your desired project.

DBJ has a collaborative design style. We meet with you and any design professionals involved to discuss the project brief, timeline and any other details. We will project manage the whole process from design to manufacturing and right through to installation to ensure a desired outcome and sign-off from the client.

DBJ has been manufacturing bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and commercial fit-outs for over 24 years, so you can rely on our expertise to deliver on the best fitting design for you.