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Queenstown interior designers White Interiors has a reputation for glamorous and sophisticated residential and commercial interiors.

We have the energy and drive of a young studio combined with knowledge and experience from Emma’s 25 years working as an interior designer. Our small team consists of highly talented individuals  - with particular skills, experience and areas of expertise. 

A Personal Approach

Our small but professional and dedicated Queenstown interior design team ensures attention to detail is second-to-none.

We can read between the lines

What truly sets White Interiors apart is our ability to interpret the client’s requirements to deliver stunning interiors.

25 years experience

A fantastic history of working with some of Britain’s most respected designers allows White Interiors to bring an international flavour to Queenstown interiors.

Project management to provide turn-key service

The scope of services we can provide is essentially limitless

Source & Supply

Close relationships with suppliers and contractors enable us to find you a perfect solution from antique to iconic