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Dukes Bar

When asked to work with this client, we could hardly contain our excitement as this building has wonderful history and architectural features and our ethos is to respect a buildings architectural elements and enhance them when designing the interior finishes

We were asked to update the look and feel of the bar area, bearing in mind that live jazz music is often played to guests in this room. With that in mind we felt that this Catherine Martin wallpaper offers the right amount glamour and elegance to compliment the chandeliers, stained glass windows and cornice 

 Jazz music history in NZ

  • In 1916 the foxtrot was introduced, with its uneven rhythms. 
  • The Charleston first became a popular jazz dance style in the 1920s
  • In the 1930s cabarets opened in most cities and provincial towns. 
  • During the Second World War, US servicemen training in New Zealand encouraged an interest in jazz and introduced dance styles such as the jitterbug.
  • After the war, jazz became music to listen to rather than to dance to. 


Our advice for changes to this room included new paint colours to the ceiling, doors, windows, wall panels, new wallpaper and new furniture as well as adding some plants to the entrance area to help identify the bar’s main door. Our aim was to create an elegant, inviting room that can be enjoyed by guests and casual diners. 

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High tea in this lovely room is a treat
Using plants we have identified the entrance