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Eastbourne Blue Bathroom
Eastbourne Blue Bathroom

This family home needed refreshed bathrooms  along with some colour advice for the capable DIY owner to implement. The first bathroom is a fresh take on a traditional look, with blue and white tiles in a light and open feeling second shower room.

This is a very spacious feeling room with a large walk in shower, a freestanding basin and storage cleverly hidden in a recessed mirror cabinet with a niche cut-out below.

The revival of this bathroom came to be through a combination of planning done by architect Liz Wallace whilst Honour Creative worked on the materials, colours, products and lighting. ⠀

Eastbourne Blue Bathroom

Wall lights on either side of the bathroom mirror eliminate the shadows on your beautiful face (but really, strong overhead lighting alone doesn't do anyone any favours).⠀

This one is suitably classic/contemporary and maintains the light, open feel of the rest of the bathroom.⠀

Eastbourne Blue Bathroom
Eastbourne Blue Bathroom

This is beautiful, big walk-in shower space features an over-head skylight which brings a glow to the tiles and creates an area filled with lightness. ⠀

The shower mixer is placed at the entry of the shower space, away from the shower head. When planning a bathroom make sure you can turn your shower on without getting wet so you are not 'exposed' for the moment before the water heats up.

Eastbourne Blue Bathroom

In this bathroom we have used 3 types of tile because it is a spacious room, uncluttered and with two distinct zones. Beyond a good looking, quality tile, the success of your tiled space rests on thoughtful planning (grout lines!) and the skills and attention to detail of your tiler. ⠀

We like specifying epoxy grout — it is more expensive and can take more time and care for the tiler but these investments pay off in the long run as it inhibits mould, is stain resistant and all round makes cleaning and maintenance easier in the long run.⠀


To find out more about this project or to discover how we can achieve similar results for your residential new build or other interior design project, please complete our online contact form or call Frances Fraser on 027 474 9191, email frances@honourcreative.com.

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