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Firth and Dricon, the perfect choice

Products used: Chancery® PaverHandiCrete®RapidSet


When Kris Van Berkel's volunteer work as a school guidance counsellor and the DARE foundation came to the attention of "Mucking In", Firth and Dricon were delighted be part of transforming her garden.

Tony Murrell, Landscape Garden Designer and co-presenter for "Mucking In" is an advocate of the convenience and ease of use of Firth and Dricon products.

"On Mucking In we use Dricon bagged concrete products like Handicrete® and RapidSet™ because they are so easy to use and it means you don't need to get concrete delivered on site," says Tony. "Plus, you know you are creating something permanent that is going to last."

Kris loved the whole idea of a Mediterranean lifestyle - wine, olives, family and the Hawkes Bay sunshine. "It really was a blank canvas," enthuses Tony. "The Van Berkel's had no outdoor entertainment area or focal point. What I needed to create for them was some structure."

A large rectangular reflection pond with an avenue of London plane trees leading out from the family room now gives a sense of calm. The coping around the pond in Firth Chancery® 'Graphite' courtyard pavers contrasts with the white stone chip.

Tony chose to use masonry fencing by Firth to create a durable and permanent barrier between the entrance to the house and the driveway - delineating the living space from the service court. The construction and finish applied to the wall meant that it was completed in a very short amount of time and looked great.

Citrus trees and herbs planted on either side of the garden wall soften all of the hard structures while enhancing the overall look of the newly paved courtyard made from Firth Chancery pavers in 'Fossil' which are checker-boarded with 'Graphite'. Kris now has an easy care but luxurious garden, all thanks to her family, friends, the Mucking In team and a helping hand from Firth.

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