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Hamilton Legal

Nestled within Panama House, which comes from the Panama brand by Stark Property, is Hamilton Legal. The Victorian style building has 2 levels featuring beautiful tall ceilings that look out over the Waikato River.

On the entry floor, we installed foyer storage that is a generous artistic offering really just to frame the business. The old books give a fantastic feel that if you’d missed the welcome signs, you’d know you’re at the right office.

Backing onto the foyer, we installed 2 levels of semi see through storage. Featuring rolling doors with access via an exquisite wooden rolling ladder. This storage was created to not only be practical, with cost effective materials, but also to be something wonderful to look at.

Downstairs, we installed more storage to meet their needs.

The scale of the joinery was one we are proud of completing and particularly the holes drilled through the doors in their thousands. The amazing team at Designwell gave us a fantastic design to work with.

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