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Hawke's Bay Opera House

Since opening in 1915, the Opera House has undergone many modifications, the most significant following the 1931 Hawke’s Bay Earthquake when the stage and foyer areas were reconstructed. DPA Architects were commissioned by Hastings District Council in 2017 to prepare a conservation plan for the building which was to undergo structural upgrading work.

As specialists in heritage architecture, DPA Architects aimed to upgrade the seismic structure of the building with minimal damage done to historical aspects.

Once the structural upgrade work had been completed, DPA Architects began research into colour schemes. Using historical photographs, they developed a new scheme integrating early influences with recent architectural contributions.

Formerly dark and seemingly confined spaces were transformed by a palette of neutral tones, anchored by carpets in rich reds, finished with lavish gold-painted plasterwork.

Original detailing, including plaster ceilings, cornices, and timber dados were restored following seismic strengthening.

Photography by Sarah Rowlands

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