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Hill to Horizon House

Champagne gold and pastel purples; sunrise and sunsets
shape the scene for this blended family home.
There are curated outlooks and joyful vignettes.
It’s grounded with plaster and dressed in a subtle timber tone.

This home is dashing,
and there’s room for all.
There’s room for dancing,
and there’s room to mingle and sprawl.

But this home is delicate, this home is enduring.
There are pockets of privacy and moments of retreat.
The thresholds are soft and the bathrooms alluring.
It’s also comfy for two, for those who wish to be discrete.

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Studio Brick Architects is a design-led architecture office who produce crafted, creative, and considered architecture.

We’re all about elegant, sculptural, and sometimes unconventional architectural solutions to briefs of all shapes, sizes, and budgets.

Studio Brick Architects are a modern office. We like technology and we use modern procedures to create buildings that will endure and reward you well into the future. We consider the broader context of a project beyond its immediate physical location to the social, political, historical, economic, and environmental conditions of place and space.

Through our thoughtful and inclusive relationships with our clients, we offer the complete architectural experience from design, costing, documentation to construction observation.

We also like Friday afternoon refreshments. So, if you want to know more please get in touch.