This stunning multi layered home had a kitchen and scullery layout that set the scene for something spectacular. Designmarked was commissioned to open the space up so the clients could enjoy the views and family no mater what part of the kitchen they were in.

By removing the scullery portioning wall and designing cabinetry that held a sliding splash back the scullery and kitchen could be separate if required. To make both the rooms work a fridge location between them was required so the fridge was positioned in entrance to the scullery which made it easily accessible to all.

The client also liked the idea of accessing the BBQ area from the scullery as well. Designmarked managed this by including a simple hinged glazed door from scullery to BBQ. This also flooded the room with natural light and gives good access in all wind types.

The spatial planning in the kitchen works well as the hob-fridge-sink relationship is accessible from both scullery sink and Island sink. Bench heights are altered to accommodate the client, 850mm high hob and 950mm high Island sink.

The Architectural design of the house is magnificent, with four mono pitched layers dug deeply into a hill as it climbs up. Lots of exposed concrete, strong rectangle shapes in very dark natural finishes. Designmarked wanted to replicate that masculinity in the kitchen design using a lot of negative detailing, mat and textured finishes. Strong lines and extensive use of black met the brief.

Photography owned by Designmarked.

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