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KIND is a social enterprise cafe based in an exciting new hospitality hub in Morningside, Auckland. Positioned on a prime corner site, KIND is postured to 'Make Morningside a greener, better place to live and work'."

The fit-out brings to life the French botanical aesthetic by flooding the space with plants and transforming the environment into a lush garden oasis. KIND intentionally keeps the thresholds of interior and exterior ambiguous. A space to relax and feel encapsulated in the light-filled environment. 


The architecture provides shelter from the wind and rain, while the hanging plants create a canopy that provides shade. The architecture and fit-out are intentionally subdued to allow the extensive planting to be the focus of the spatial experience. Two large handmade tables stretch centrally through the length of the cafe encouraging communal activity and acknowledging the community building aspirations of the clients.      

"Stepping into Kind, you'll be mesmerised by lush greenery, hanging pot plants as well as wooden furniture that give both a classy and neat vibe. The environment ties in nicely with what's being offered at Kind, namely plant-based dishes. Following author Michael Pollan's seven rules for eating, the café suggests diners 'eat food, not too much, mostly plants', helping visitors to be kind to themselves, the neighbourhood and mother earth."  -  Review - Concrete Playground, January 2019     

Date:  2019   

Location:  Morningside, Auckland  

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