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KPMG Building

The KPMG Building consists of a client floor and four working floors across 8,300m² housing approximately 600 staff. The brief called for the refurbishment of the entire building, while being occupied by the tenants KPMG and Kensington Swan. The client floor is shared between the two clients, and had to meet the requirements of both. On the working floors each client was treated as a separate design brief with different outcomes.

The existing client floor was perceived to be impersonal and sterile. It did not reflect the changing face of professional services, where the relationship with the client is central. To that end, the environment should be inviting, professional and relaxed; a space where clients would feel comfortable and are able to enjoy the space and central location.  The clients were aware their building’s unique setting was underutilised with the existing fitout and sought guidance on how to unlock this.

We affirmed the building’s single strongest asset - its outstanding connection to the harbour. Our key proposition was to open up the client floor to the exceptional views for the benefit of both clients and staff, and unlock the potential of how the space could be used. By rearranging the boardrooms, we were able to expose the entire front elevation of the building to the deck and harbour beyond. This has transformed how the business is able to position itself as a place where people want to be, and engage with clients in a variety of new settings in a stunning location.

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