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An unparalleled luxury retreat in rural Queenstown, with stunning views across the Wakatipu Basin and beyond. This timeless and elegant home has been carefully designed with opulence and individuality in mind. Every room provides a feeling of serenity and calm yet draws you in seamlessly to the landscape.      

Our team took this house on representing the homeowners some 10 years ago and many months before the construction was even completed. Working with the homeowners, builders, interior designers, architects and landscape architects, in the final months of the construction helped ensure this stunning home to be handed over to the owners from day one in pristine condition going on to win multiple awards. Today the house remains beautifully kept with homeowners regularly updating the home as need with new technology and a strong maintenance plan in place this home is simply improving with age and enjoyed as one of the most highly regarded short term rental homes in the region.  

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Spectrum Property Group is a complete property care company specialising in high-end private homeowner property and project management, in the Queenstown and wider Southern Lakes Region. A full home support team, Spectrum Solutions quietly leads the way in Queenstown’s high end private home management where bespoke private property management, project management, short term home rentals, and owner new construction representation services are required.


The Spectrum team over the years have been responsible for delivering and managing hundreds of high-end private properties and projects around the wider Queenstown region. Our mission is to focus on the home, homeowners, and guests, where attention to detail, practical solutions, delivery, and quality remain our core values.


Working closely with a network of preferred suppliers, the Spectrum team will swiftly deal with all types of home maintenance, repairs and home improvements, renovations, interior outfits and new construction representation for our cliental.


Having Spectrum on the ground quite simply allows our clients a full 24/7 support group to lean on for any home project work, private concierge services, and overall a very specialised property care solution in the Southern Lakes Region explains director Erik Moen.