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Our client lived in a cosy 3 bedroom home in Laingholm surrounded by beautiful native bush. She enjoyed the privacy of the location, but the home was an original 1960’s Bach, with a small living space and dated window joinery. To maximise the incredible views over the Huia dam, a large deck and large ranch sliders were installed. To generate a rental income for the property we also built a basement studio apartment.

The style brief through out the property was to maintain the retro Bach style yet bring it into the 21st century with soft finishes, modern flooring and light colours. We achieved the retro style by using anodised aluminium joinery and redeeming an original kitchen bench top.

On the main floor we pushed out the back of the house, which flowed out on to a new timber deck, which had expansive views over the Waitakere ranges. Increasing the size and making the space more open with new windows, doors and outdoor living, completely transforming this home.

Our client was delighted with the new space and could now see her amazing views from any angle in the living room. She was also very excited to start renting out her downstairs studio.

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