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With the option to design-and-build and get exactly what they wanted, they elected to build with Benchmark Homes. "Going into it we had a reasonable idea of what we wanted", says Peter. "A family home with large open-plan living that would capitalise on views up the valley.

Using an architect through Benchmark Homes, the Langes nally got to see their ideas materialise. "This was the most exciting part", says Peter. "We knew what we wanted but we needed someone else to visualise and configure it for us. It was an 'oh wow' moment."

Looking back on the process, Peter emphasises that "It was pretty daunting. We didn't go into it willingly." But they have come out of it rapt with what Benchmark Homes has helped them to achieve.

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While the simple definition of home is the four walls and roof within which you live, the true meaning is found in the spaces you inhabit. Home is a place where you can laugh, experience and enjoy the day-to-day. It is a space you love, you care for and that ultimately you have created.

At Benchmark, we pride ourselves on helping you achieve this. Working with you to turn your wants and needs into a tangible reality is what inspires and drives us to do what we do.