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The Livestock Improvements Corporation (LIC) supports both New Zealand and global dairy farmers with advanced technology and genetics.

Operating for over 100 years, LIC are aware of their environmental responsibilities and are committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2025. These initiatives were incorporated in to the design of their new build, which was designed by Chow:Hill Architects.

The LIC building finished construction in 2024, with Tika Interior taking the lead on the interior fitout. Throughout the building, you will find Comfortech’s Dbsorb Acoustic Panelling, a specialised panelling which serves multiple purposes: enhancing functional acoustic clarity, reducing reverberated noise (echo), and maintaining acoustic control in offices and boardrooms.

Pictured above are the dbTimber Wood Grain Panels. These aesthetic wall panels feature a tongue & groove effect and are securely fastened using the dbsorb Ready-Clip systems. This system ensures a glue-free, rapid, and efficient installation process.

Additionally, dbBaffles were incorporated to further enhance the room’s acoustics. These baffles can be seamlessly integrated into the overall design, either subtly or as a prominent feature.

For ease of installation, the baffles are attached to a suspended ceiling system, utilising the dbsorb FinLock clips. Finally, to enhance both acoustics and offer visual appeal, plain 12mm Decosorb Panelling was applied throughout the remaining areas of the room.

Overall, this thoughtful combination of acoustic solutions contributes to a comfortable and functional interior environment.

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