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Magnolia Kitchen

How does one reflect their love of botanical imagery and combine it into their daily life? Easily, by integrating it into their new kitchen cabinetry! 

The clients own a small funky 1960’s house that sits atop a hill surrounded by hills and bush. The house had a 1990’s kitchen of dark burgundy and Tawa laminate with a small island, however, it limited functionality and the layout didn’t suit their lifestyle of catering and entertaining friends several times a week. They wanted to reflect a softer, lighter and botanical feel to the space along with improved functionality.

The kitchen’s location had great views and lots of sun, so they wanted to open the area up to the outside and rest of the house, improve the storage and function while creating a sense of fun to allow for easy living and lots of socialising!

The shared vision was to bring the new kitchen into today by giving it a modern, clean and streamlined look whilst incorporating the client’s love of a particular digital print of magnolia branches complete with hidden bugs and birds – this image was designed by a UK designer, Michael Angove, who made amendments to the design to suit my kitchen design. The images used create dominant focal points and extends the feeling of light and spaciousness.

There were some technical difficulties to overturn in the use of the imagery and how to apply it to the cabinetry however, I solved this problem as the images were printed onto a special vinyl product with a laminate applied over the top for protection – edges on the graphic panels were clashed with silver aluminium T edges to frame the images and protect the edges.

Soft colours, light oak veneer blonded to complement the magnolia branches in the imagery along with hidden storage features, two integrated fridges, up to date hideaway downdraft and oodles of storage brought the kitchen into today’s world.  Flow and circulation throughout the space were improved by removing an old hot water heating cabinet and creating a new passageway which allowed a Jumbo-sized island to be fitted.

The island did not need to accommodate more than one person seated at it as the dining table was adjacent and the clients had no children. The island houses: pantry storage, oil pullouts, steam oven, warmer drawer, standard oven and an integrated fridge along with additional storage along the hallway side. The island was designed to accommodate not only the main hob for cooking but an ability for the chef of the house to be able to make pasta/plate up/present her food. 

A remote motor downdraft was fitted underneath the house with direct ducting to the exterior in order to reduce noise. 

The kitchen renovation budget of $60,000 was successfully achieved, with a greatly improved functional modern kitchen and a light airy atmosphere, the clients and designer are delighted with the result. This couple will enjoy it for years to come. 

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