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Massey University Albany Campus

Location: Albany, Auckland
Product Type: Eco Prime 40 v2

Being an active University health and safety and noise disruption was a major concern. Another concern was the access due to tunnels below the surface of a majority of the area close to the worksite. We were limited to applying weight more than 800kg to any given surface. This meant we had to figure out a way of moving 35 cubic metres of soil out of the area and 55 cubic metres of aggregate into the area covering a distance of approximately 65 metres from the area where we could park our trucks and the work area. We also had a very strict deadline to complete the major groundworks which was three days being Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It just so happened that we had torrential rain on Saturday and Sunday but we couldn’t let that stop us. It seems like an impossible feat to complete the groundworks that we had committed ourselves to during torrential rain but we persevered and nailed it.

Our client was struggling to mow the large area of lawn manually because it’s not possible to get their ride on mower into the area. They were also struggling to grow grass in the area so the area was unusable most of the year which meant the area was a waste of space.

Our solution was Eco Lawn as it doesn’t require mowing, products are commercial grade, free-draining and usable all year round so it’s now possible to host events in the area whenever required.
It is also Non-toxic, permeable, low maintenance, usable 360 days per year, beautiful, recyclable, no watering, no fertiliser, no need to manufacture a lawnmower.

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