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Masterton Courthouse

Stephenson&Turner completed the seismic upgrade and revamp of the Masterton Courthouse in August 2013. The building was closed suddenly in December 2011 following the seismic report that the building has potential to collapse in a significant earthquake. S&T were engaged alongside Impact and Miyamoto to find a cost effective solution to bring the 101 year old building back to a safe working environment. 

The solution lay in a ‘FRP’, Fibre-reinforced Plastic. This system connects the individual bricks of the external masonry walls together, allowing the walls to move as one mass in the event of an earthquake. The benefit from this system is the unobtrusive finish to building interiors. No visible steel beams or columns and no cross-bracing blocking windows allows the original character of the building to be accentuated.

Coinciding with the Seismic Upgrade planning, we took the opportunity to re-plan the internal layout, creating a more cohesive flow amidst the maze of secure corridors. S&T provided additional public waiting areas and upgraded facilities, accessible public counters and a single point of entry with screening station to enhance security.  The courthouse received new ceilings, flooring and painting to give the interior a fresh new look. S&T upgraded building services to provide a much needed comfort boost. The roof was completely replaced and through careful detailing we were able to create a seismic diaphragm throughout the roof plane to help support our hard work below. To finish it off, a new external colour scheme gives a nod to the historic Oamaru Stone Building Façade. 

“The refurbishment work will ensure that the court is better able to meet the needs of court users in the decades to come," Minister for Courts Chester Borrows says. "The Masterton Courthouse team have nicknamed the move [back into the courthouse] as back to the future”.


  • Resene Total Colour Awards, Heritage Award, 2014

  • Property Council New Zealand, Award of Merit, 2015


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