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Perforated Wall Art has made our office here at Metalli go from plain old jane, to an iconic office. Before perforated wall art was even a thing, the team at Metalli would walk into the office and get greeted by a boring black wall. We needed a change. We needed something to inspire us. We needed something to show our audience - our vision of our new product. With that, we created our ‘wow-factor’ piece to make everyone who visited stand there in awe and show the unlimited possibilities of Perforated Wall Art.

The process was easy. All it took was 5 steps…

1. Selection
We got our creative juices flowing and researched to find a statement picture. This needed to be a picture with detail to allow customers to see what fine clarity Perforated Wall Art can express. For a start, we considered choosing just a scenery picture of the West Coast to represent ‘who we are and where we come from’… but we wanted more! We wanted to have a picture that conveyed emotion or action with the purpose of really showing our customers that we can craft any picture of your choice to create your ‘wow-factor’ piece. After this, the following steps just fell into place.

2. Conversion
By looking at the original picture of the golfer, it was tricky to imagine how the end product would actually turn out. However, with a couple of clicks in the drawing program, the original picture was converted to a perforated drawing. With one glance, we all knew that this statement picture was a definite goer!

3. Specifications
We were so pumped about this exciting addition to the office, so we wanted to next 3 steps to happen fast. Measurements were made and specifications were drawn up... the boring black wall was no longer clouding anyone’s day.

4. Manufacturing
The perforated picture details were delivered to the manufacturers. With a few clarifications made to minimize potential mistakes, the drawing of the perforation would soon be in our hands ready for installation.

5. Installation
The golf picture was split into 9 separate panels. When installing it, it was like a giant puzzle that we had to put together in order to see the final picture. Now as you can see from in the pictures below, Perforated Wall Art made by Metalli completely changes a room, it is eye-catching and the best part… it can be personalized to suit any setting and style.

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