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Mezz Box

This was a unique experience for Stewart Hanna Ltd. The challenging commercial space successfully met the daring aspirations of both the client and architect. Located in central Victoria Street the new building is now located on top of a pre-existing building. The 230 square metre building was completed under an extremely tight time frame schedule in mid-winter conditions.

To achieve the ambitious deadline both procurement and clear methodology was key. Stewart Hanna Ltd led the structural design process which enabled the project to be constructed on the ground adjacent to the existing building and then be lifted into place partially finished, using a 400 ton crane, positioned 3 stories up. Once positioned a lift shaft and lift was installed through three floors of the existing building. During the course of construction we needed to take into account the existing tenancy within and surrounding the build. It was paramount that they were kept up to date and fully informed at all times during the build. The location of the site is on the main street of Hamilton and is situated on a main traffic intersection within the CBD. Traffic management was integral to the job to ensure smooth deliveries for vehicles and products coming to site whilst ensuring the general public were safe at all times. The project was completed while the Hamilton City Council (HCC) completed the Victoria on the River project, collaboration with the HCC was key to this success.

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