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Vintage Bathroom Renovation for a 1920's home in Greenhithe, Auckland

This beautiful 1920’s bungalow boasts high ceilings, casement windows, white walls, elaborate hanging chandeliers and black matte features exuding an old world charm of vintage Italian villas.

While the house is a 1920’s bungalow, it was in no need of a renovation as it had been very well restored and renovated in the past. Our client loved everything about her new home but the only thing that she really missed having was a bathtub. She missed having a nice relaxing bath after a hard day at work and was also concerned about how the lack of a bathtub would affect the re-selling of her house in the future. Most families with young children prefer buying a house that has a bathtub which she felt could prove to be a roadblock when re-selling.

When asked why our client chose Superior Renovations to renovate her bathroom she said “Kevin really had a can do attitude. I wanted a bathtub and he said that he could customise the layout to incorporate bathtub, sink, toilet and shower within the given space”.

Challenges Kevin faced:

  • The space available in the bathroom was small which meant that the layout had to be thoughtfully altered
  • The corridor was also narrow which meant that the bathroom door could not open into the corridor or the bathroom
  • In order to preserve the old vintage feel, we had to ensure that all fixtures provided continuity to the overall design of the rest of the house

Creating a Vintage feel with fixtures

Kevin realised that in order to create a Vintage feel, he would have to use specially crafted fixtures for the bathroom. The standard contemporary bathroom fixtures would just not work for our client’s bathroom. At Superior Renovations we work with a diverse set of bathroom suppliers so we are able to cater to the design needs of all types of clients. We used fixtures from the Astra Walker range of of the bathroom division from Kitchen Hub for all the fittings to create a vintage feel.

Freestanding Vintage Bathtub

The bathtub had to be the star of the bathroom as it was the reason which prompted our client to renovate her bathroom in the first place. This dramatic bathtub is coupled with a Brushed platinum hand shower and mixer to create a stunning vintage feel. As the space we were working with was small, we had to change the layout of the bathroom by switching the position of the basin to the right and adding a bath where the basin used to stand.

Bathtub specifications:

  • Admiral Freestanding 2 piece bathtub
  • 1650mm and and can retain 99 litres of water
  • Supplier used for Bathtub was Bath and Co
  • Astra Walker ‘Olde English’ Bath mixer and Hand shower with a brushed platinum finish
  • Supplier used for the hand shower was the bathroom division from Kitchen Hub

Basin, Towel Rail & Accessories

The design brief from our client was to create a bathroom that complemented the rest of the house and provided continuity. In order to do so, we used accessories and fixtures from Astra walker range as well as Burlington because of their extensive range in vintage fixtures and accessories.

Brands – Burlington and Astra Walker

  • Edwardian Rectangle Basin with Chrome wash stand -560mm
  • Black frame 600 round mirror
  • Burlington Shelf and towel rail
  • Burlington Robe hook
  • Burlington toilet holder

Tiled Double Shower

This tiled double shower is truly unique in its design. This double shower has two shower heads at both ends of the shower with a custom built glass with matte black trimmings.

These black trimmings complement the black features of the rest of the house.

The black hexagonal tiles on the floor provide a stunning contrast to white subway tiles with black smoke patterns and elevates the over all design of the bathroom.

The rustic looking tapware brings out a vintage feel to the bathroom without making it look too modern.

Custom Barn Door

Kevin decided that in order to accommodate a bathtub in the bathroom, we could not have the bathroom door into the bathroom. The corridor outside the bathroom was also too narrow and it was not possible to have a door opening into it.

The only option in this case was for us to have a sliding door installed. A simple sliding door would not however look impressive or provide any continuity to the design of the rest of the house design. Hence Kevin decided that we would install a sliding barn door with black matte trimmings and features which would complement the overall design of the house.

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