This Mt Eden home was lacking space and flow. Keeping the outside shell the same, we proceeded to make major renovations within the house. The goal is to create an open plan living space that connects the living room area with the kitchen and dining space. At the same time, giving them a new modern simplicity look.

For this particular project, our plan was to start from scratch by removing the walls. This creates more space for us to work with when renovating the living area, kitchen and dining space, and create a better flow throughout the house. Besides that, we also renovated the bathroom, bedrooms, and laundry area to match the newly renovated space.   

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As Auckland builders, having good quality workmanship is not enough in this construction industry. Which is why we believe in going the extra step in making sure that you get the results you look for within the agreed timeframe. Besides, our team is diverse with different backgrounds and skills, that compliment each other to give you the best results.

Problem-solving and creative solutions are our favourable qualities. Everything is well thought out from the begging of the planning stage to the end of the construction. After all, we understand that home construction work can be tiresome and a hassle to deal with. Hence, our solution works around your budget and time. At the same time, keeping you in the loop through the entire process.

Our services include new builds from the ground up, indoor and outdoor renovation solutions, and recladding work. Basically, we can handle any home construction job from the heavy earthworks to the little design details. So browse through our services or portfolio work to see for yourself the quality we guarantee.