Murrays Bay Beach Changing Facilities

By Pepper Architects

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At Pepper Architects, we understand the importance of creating urban recreational spaces that are able to be enjoyed by a variety of users. The brief for the Murrays Bay Changing Facilities was to design facilities that were discrete yet highly visible, robust and climate change resilient.

We approached the challenge demolishing existing buildings and remediating the site. To reduce the visual bulk, the row of changing facilities was pushed into the hillside and the area behind them was utilized as a grandstand overlooking the beach. This allowed for better separation between vehicle and pedestrian modalities, as well as allowing access to the sailing club behind.

Our modern designs for the Murrays Bay Changing Facilities provided the perfect place for beach walkers, sun bathers and even children and dogs to enjoy the area. Completed in 2017, the project was a huge success and has been enjoyed by many ever since.

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Murrays Bay Beach Changing Facilities

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After gaining experience working in Auckland, Michael Pepper spent almost a decade working as an architect in Berlin and London before establishing pepper architects.

Pepper Architects focused on residential, hospitality, and bespoke commercial projects.

We provide clients with simple, sculptural and poetic solutions that are a reflection of the occupants, the place and the spirit of that place.

We prefer to use raw materials that invite the patina of age, giving character and warmth that is carried throughout the entire design process, from initial concept to the execution of the finest details.

Any project will have practical spatial requirements, cost, construction and delivery constraints.

We believe design solutions anchored in fully collaborative relationships between clients, consultants and the myriad of contractors will deliver the best outcome.

We listen to our clients, we work collaboratively with good people to deliver great outcomes we are all proud of.

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