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My Nets High Tech Cricket Coaching facilities

Specialised cricket coaching facilities installed by My Nets have been given a work out and thumbs up by one of New Zealand’s best batsmen, Rob Nicol, a former Black Cap and currently captain of the Otago cricket team. The TigerTurf Premier Indoor cricket wicket was the finishing touch for these technical cricket practice wickets.

  • Turf: Cricket
  • Date Project Completed: December 2017
  • Area: 240m2
  • Surface: TigerTurf Premier Indoor
  • Base: Existing concrete base

Developing a top ranking cricket practice resource
This was a brand new development by My Nets, converting a disused car park into a top ranking cricket practice resource for batsmen. Here, they are able to hone their batting technique with the benefit of the most advanced video analytical software available. The bowling machines can replicate different types of swing, spin and bounce, and be set to variable speeds to give batsmen a true batting experience.

TigerTurf Premier Indoor cricket wickets meet all fire regulations
The owner, Ricky Sevta, selected TigerTurf as the New Zealand manufacturer of artificial grass that produces the best sports turfs. The TigerTurf Premier Indoor artificial turf for indoor batting wickets meets all fire safety regulations and does not require sand infill.

TigerTurf cricket wickets provide realistic performance
More relevant to batsmen, however, is the high performance of TigerTurf Premier in providing consistent speed and spin, and its durability, despite the intense level of use these top wickets get. Over many years, it has earned its reputation as the preferred cricket surface for training some of New Zealand’s most promising young cricket talent, as well as our top senior players.

True bounce and turn for cricket coaching on TigerTurf Premier
The My Net indoor cricket training facility gives batsmen a real batting experience in neutral conditions, in which the surface is consistent and safe, without the occasional rogue bounces off uneven grass turfs.

This allows batsmen to concentrate on developing the techniques required to control balls bowled at variable speeds with every type of delivery. The variable conditions produced by weather and natural grass cricket wickets can be put aside as batsmen perfect their skills.

The client prepared the site, levelling the concrete base, painting the entire facility a fresh, clean white, installing bright LED lights and safety nets. Roller doors can be raised in warm, dry weather as the nets completely enclose each batting lane.

Technical cricket analysis software and performance wicket
There are three lanes available to hire by the hour, each with its own bowling machine and high-definition video camera, triggered by the batsman’s movements to capture the action and allowing step by step breakdown of each shot during practice.

What an inspired transformation from an unused parking building to the My Nets modern batting practice amenity, with the latest electronic equipment, analytical software and all the advantages of the outstanding TigerTurf Premier Indoor quality cricket wicket.

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