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That famous smile and a brand that delivers more than 27 billion cups of coffee every year – we helped them gleam on Queen Street.

It’s fair to say that Nespresso, the capsule coffee company that generates 4.7 billion US dollars of sales a year, is a global phenomenon. They chose to work with us on the launch of their flagship New Zealand store on Auckland’s Queen Street, a project that began in 2015.

We worked with Nespresso’s international, Italy-based design team to adapt the company’s international design-concept to the local market and the heritage-building site. We designed a shop-front that would present the brand and draw in customers, back-of-house facilities that support the customer experience, and managed building consents and construction quality.

A fast-track project that’s given a global brand a physical presence in a prime location. And brought George Clooney’s smile to Queen Street.

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