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New York Loft style Kaiwharawhara Warehouse Conversion

A warehouse that previously started off life as a functional factory building for the Union Atlantic Oil company (that was built in the early 20th century withstanding multiple earthquakes) and retained its delightful character it then became a shop for a flower wholesaler. It subsequently blossomed into becoming a design studio with the dual purpose of either being a workplace only or a live/workspace combined once I got my hands on it!!

We started off by making it warmer through insulating and lining the ceilings with Plywood. The previously pink, teal, cream and white painted brick walls were sandblasted therefore creating a Mars landscape inside (what a job that was to clean up!!), the bricks bring back the texture and warmth of yesteryear. As the floor was very unloved we poured a concrete aggregate topping slab complete with the odd shell and hunk of wood mixed throughout to give it character.

I designed office/bedroom spaces and extended the mezzanine to increase the floor area. Given the volume of the space (10m stud height), it achieved a New York loft feel. Pop art-themed graphics were used on the glass walls (white roman blinds provided privacy when these offices were used as bedrooms) and I layered visual texture by using graphics on the glass that overlapped the wallpapered walls. A simple warm grey-toned palette of colours combined with white allowed the natural texture of bricks/ply and concrete to create the ambience.

Two kitchens were within the space along with 3 bathrooms and adjoining doors between the two tenancies allowing the space to be used in its entirety or individually. Simple but stylish bathrooms were fitted. A lounge underneath one of the mezzanines was lit with over scaled hanging light bulbs with a wall formed by using clear twin-wall plastic sheeting sandwiched within steel framing and doors that were re-purposed butcher's curtains that allowed light to flow into the area. The open plan areas were heated using industrial low profile radiant heaters so we were never cold. Flooded with natural light, the space was a joy to experience both as a home and workspace. 

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