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Northern Southland College get the TigerTurf Advantage

After two years of planning and hard work, Northern Southland College is now proud of its TigerTurf Advantage multi-sport turf in brilliant blue, green and red, an outstanding surface for all ball sports. “We’re pretty chuffed with how it’s turned out,” Mike Newell, the school principal, told The Ensign. “It’s great for the community too, and could be all that’s needed to get Lumsden tennis up and going again.”

  • Turf: Education & Multi-Sports
  • Date Project Completed: February 2019
  • Area: 2070m2
  • Surface: TigerTurf Advantage
  • Base: Existing asphalt base

New courts create new sporting opportunities for the students at Northern Southland College
The TigerTurf Advantage multi-sport turf at Northern Southland College is permanently marked for 4 tennis courts, three netball courts and one hockey D with a goal defence area, all full size, with 2 futsal Ds too. With so many sports on one surface, more keen Lumsden students than ever will try a few different sports each year. And now they can do it at their own school, on their fabulous sports centre.

Marked out for Tennis, Netball, with a Hockey D and 2 Futsal Ds
The courts are already busy with physical education classes, sports teams practising after school, and students making the most of the dry, clean surface for recreational games during breaks in lessons. The 10mm shock pad TigerTurf installed beneath the entire Advantage sports turf absorbs impact, protecting the students from injury and extending the performance of this remarkably durable surface.

Communities and schools can share better sports facilities
The community is not lagging behind either, in giving the new surface the thumbs up. Lumsden is a close-knit Otago community that supports its college. The principal is keen to see the local community and school tennis back to strength, and so is the community.

The goal to provide an all-weather, multi-sports turf for the students and community took two years to realise, helped by funding from the Lotteries Commission, The Community Trust of Southland and the Southland District Council, along with a sizeable contribution that the Parent-Teacher Association raised at the Waimumu Southern Field Days.

The college was most grateful for these grants, which allowed the college to select one of the most technically advanced sports turfs available. As a shared facility, this will bring the college even closer to its community, just as the school had hoped.

TigerTurf Advantage multi-sport serves school sports well
The students are delighted to be able to train for their favourite sport at their own school, on this splendid multi-sport surface, all year round. The hockey teams and their families are especially happy not to be travelling many kilometres each week to hockey practice.

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