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NZI Building

  • Architect: Jasmax
  • Product: Décortech Firesafe MDF with Multigroove 3/16 and Décortech Factory applied White Satin Finish.

Multigroove 3/16 perforations with Décortech Factory applied White Satin Finish was specified for the atrium area and the bottom of the pods to help create a light and airy feel to the building. The Multigroove perforation was customised to leave a border at the top and bottom of the panel and the panels were supplied to the exact size required to ensure the border stayed consistent throughout the building.

The panels were painted Pure White down the Décortech Paintline as the computer controlled application of paint gives a high quality, even and consistent run free finish each time. The panels are UV cured and come off the line dry reducing lead time and allowing Décortech to guarantee a premium finish. Our UV cured paint is a hard wearing, scratch resistant finish making it ideal for public areas.

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