Our vision for this project was to design an interior architecture built on a sense of restraint and timelessness. By bringing these values to the fore, we were able to create a finished product that showcases a focus on endurance of architecture rather than novelty.

Wooden finishes accentuate the enduring simplicity of the design, providing a warm and organic atmosphere. The natural materials also act as a unifying motif across the apartments, contributing to a distinct sense of style throughout.

Overall, the layout was designed to maximise natural light, keeping a direct visual connection with the cityscape and urban surrounds. The way the sunlight occupies the space allows each room to feel in tune with its natural surroundings, visually evolving over the course of the day.

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We create, design and build wonderful homes and structures. This is only possible due to our clients confidence in us and our multi-diciplined team who are very ambitious for themselves, our owners and supply groups.

While we are highly respected, we know we are always up for the challenge of our clients unique briefs and needs. No one in our practice lives on an island of dreams, but they all constantly strive to contribute to the very best medium size architecture practice in New Zealand. From us you can always guarantee we will...

  • Listen to your ideas and ideals
  • To work hard to excel beyond our clients expectations
  • To be innovative in our recommendations
  • Wherever we can we will respect our environments, adhere to sustainable practices and be very green.