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A sophisticated ‘tree house’ that makes the most of its proximity to the park and objectives of the client.

The form of the building is two floating boxes suspended above the ground plane with fully glazed “open ends” providing stunning views of Hagley Park and the Port Hills. A lattice of alternating solid wall and glazed elements create a dappled contrast on the east and west facades, and combine with the deeply recessed end facades to reinforce the concept. A feature spine wall defines the main entrance, central atrium void, and north stairway and is a way-finding trunk that extends vertically through the building both externally and internally, folding at roof level to form a clasp over the west side block and a soffit to a large deck area. This is a deliberate move to link the interior and exterior spaces and anchor the building in its urban context.

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Creating what matters for future generations is an overarching philosophy that underpins our core values and how we approach our architectural commissions as we seek to question today, imagine tomorrow, create for the future.

We are: 

  • inspired by nature
  • informed by our diverse cultures
  • shaped by our rich history
  • strengthened by our partnerships
  • enhanced by experience
  • motivated by our many opportunities

We strive to create inclusive buildings and spaces with enduring meaning and purpose, focusing on our unique New Zealand and Pacific influenced identity, celebrating our cultural diversity. Our designs seek to be distinctive, memorable spaces, firmly rooted into the land, whether the site be intensely urban or a vast expansive untouched landscape.    

We are a highly motivated and connected team of expert designers, from unique and diverse backgrounds, committed to listen, engage, and collaborate with our clients to deliver project outcomes that create highly effective and enriched spatial environments for individuals, and communities, both now and far into the future.

We have nearly 150 years of history in architecture practice, our acquired knowledge and skills are coupled with continual research and innovation applied to develop efficient, resilient, sustainable solutions benefiting from years of review and wide project experience across New Zealand. Our extensive historical experience, unique understanding of our land and climates coupled with our long collaboration with local communities, councils and contractors allow us to uniquely tailor our design solutions in unison with our connected local and global WSP engineering design specialists.