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Pāmu is the brand name for Landcorp Farming Limited. The Māori word ‘Pāmu’ means ‘to farm’ but also reflects the Māori concept of guardianship of the environment (kaitiakitanga). Pāmu strives to be a leader in New Zealand agriculture, carefully creating natural products of high quality. This made the Pāmu offices in Wellington a perfect first official client for Floc panels. Floc from T&R Interior Systems is a premier wool acoustic panel that is strong, resilient, innovative and brings together all the goodness of Aotearoa, into commercial spaces.

Aluminium frames with Floc on either side line one side of the offices to separate the working areas from the circulation spaces. Gaps between the panels maintain a visual connection. The acoustic absorption offered by the panels ensures that the spaces are quiet and comfortable.

Floc offers an innovative, fresh use for New Zealand strong-wool as acoustic panels. By selecting fibres which encompass sought-after performance, this produces a wall covering that is strong, natural white, less fluffy, and durable. The fibrous nature of wool lends itself perfectly to an acoustic application. Wool has the ability to absorb sound while enhancing the interior environment by its unique and inherent ability to regulate temperature; excellent properties for busy workspaces.

Bringing wool indoors makes every interior better.   

  • Project: Pāmu Offices in Wellington 
  • Architects: Alice Sharpe and Michael Gould from LT McGuinness 
  • Contractor: LT McGuinness  
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