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Pinot Grove Elevate Box 130

Busy Wellington lawyer May-Ana Tirikatene- Sullivan, wanted a simplistic yet stylish, low maintenance, easy living holiday home to share with her extended family and friends. After experiencing the stress of on-site building projects she decided she wanted a more relaxed, straight forward and timely building experience. So she turned to Elevate Homes and ended up very glad she did!

Her new home is exactly as she envisioned - a two bathroom, three bedroom house with a well-equipped kitchen. May-Ana says it's low maintenance, well-constructed, uncomplicated, easy to heat in winter and with wonderful indoor-outdoor flow that works seamlessly with a large group. The building experience she also describes as rewarding, relaxed and speedy! She says, "The home only took 10 months from genesis to completion - the home was designed, constructed, soft furnished, installed with a heat pump, fire place, bedroom heating and entertainment system. It was also transported, piled, and the deck built within that time."

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