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Plantation Style Villa - Auckland

One of Auckland’s inner-city treasures, home to an active family.

The goal of this project was to breathe fresh life into two rooms of the home that had untapped potential, and turn them into living areas the client would love.

The conservatory was previously being unused, and the second living space acted as a formal dining area that no longer suited the needs of this growing family.

We were inspired by the existing rich dark oak furniture and relaxed-fit sofa covers when developing the plantation style concept for this villa, not to mention the special inherited colonial side sideboard.

We refurbished these integral pieces with a durable and long-lasting fabric suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, to ensure it can be enjoyed for a long time to come. When it came to flooring, we respected previous renovations while still transforming the look and feel – laying fresh carpet throughout the home as well as updating the wooden flooring to give the existing tired floorboards a rest.

The final result revealed a contemporary living space that would see the children into their pending teen years, as well as a transformed conservatory that creates the perfect atmosphere for family downtime and activities, sure to create many new memories for this lively family over the coming years.

"It’s little things that make a big difference and most importantly give positive design impact. Sandy was instrumental in sourcing and recommending well-chosen elements that connect our different living spaces and create a feeling of “ahhhhh.”It’s not one thing, it’s the whole package of colors, comfort, charm, textures and clever positioning. Sandy has oodles of skill. She does the hard work for you!"

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