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Ponsonby Intermediate School

TigerTurf created a bright, busy courtyard for Ponsonby Intermediate students, changing the school courtyards from dull to brilliant, from high maintenance to easy-care. Naturally, the school and students are delighted.

  • Turf: Education
  • Date Project Completed: May 2018
  • Area: 728m2
  • Surface: TigerTurf Trophy and Summer Envy XWR
  • Base: Existing concrete base

TigerTurf BroughtLife And Vibrancy
Ponsonby Intermediate School had that perennial schoolyard problem of an old dull, worn, cracked concrete playground which had no redeeming features. TigerTurf brought life and vibrancy back to the heart of the school with clean, attractive synthetic turf, adding colour and texture to the school’s central quadrant.

Positive Transformation
A simple overlay of synthetic turf outside Ponsonby Intermediate’s classrooms positively transforms student’s play and recreation.

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