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Location: Hamilton
Year: 2018
Stage: Under Construction  

This spilt level family home is located on a gently sloping elevated section within a newly established subdivision. By minimizing the internal circulation, a compact open plan layout maximizes the achievable building coverage and provides for 3 bedrooms and two living spaces. The house setting takes advantage of elevated city views and a neighbouring reserve.

The contrasting claddings help define the simplicity of the buildings form and set the house apart from neighbouring suburban homes.

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Architecto is an architecture and design studio based in Hamilton, New Zealand. We focus on the significance and impact architectural design can have and how it can engage our most fundamental needs and aspirations.

Architecto is invested in creating buildings which are sensitive to the specific needs of the Client and end users and providing solutions that reflect their values. This is combined with a strong focus on Client vision and a desire to add value to each project. The studio is currently involved in a wide range of project commissions ranging in scale from private residential, education, retail and commercial buildings.

The practice is led by principal Paul Crawford who provides and oversees a comprehensive involvement throughout all stages of each project.