Quintessential Character Classic

By Warren Herbert

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Quintessential Character Classic

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Architecture is the careful collaboration of space, fittings, texture and light. Design is the overall guidance that bolts the project elements together. Great practitioners of this create amazing spaces fit for purpose to a budget. An art that never ceases to amaze me at the creativity of the profession. My job is to represent that creation and present images that reflect the character of the design while respecting the purpose. My technique has been developed over thousands of residential and commercial projects, and 10’s of thousands of images. My images will be representative of you standing in the position viewing the space through your own lenses. I harvest natural light to be drawn in from the windows and natural light sources, as well as retaining the views and highlights. 

From residential, spec builds, refurbishment to commercial and industrial, I can provide you with unique and realistic images that reflect the essence of design and the natural feel of being there. I love working with the unique light of twilight dusk and specialise in creating an amazing emotion to these images. Dusk photography is a science, a real mix of technology, balance and timing to hit that magic light that is available for just a few mins every day. Check out some of my dusk images to see for yourself! 

As a certificated CAA Part 102 UAV Pilot, I can also provide aerial images to show the creation in its full perspective. 

Based in Palmerston North, I am active through the central and lower North Island, as well as Whanganui and the West Coast of the North Island.