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Radix’s new double-storied, 2,995m2 building reflects its reputation as an innovative sports nutrition provider. Through clever intervention, an industrial shell building has been curated into fit-for-purpose space that showcases Radix’s work, complete with industrial facilities, an office space, and a test kitchen and presentation area to show their high-performance food products to clients. A large factory warehouse stores food processing and manufacturing equipment and allows for a controlled flow for staff and vehicles. 

Transparent panels bring natural light into the factory, creating a pleasant atmosphere for staff working inside, and reducing lighting and maintenance costs. The offices, test kitchen, and display area are a direct extension of the factory, so noise and movement are considered through careful placement of interlinking doors and airlocks. 

The space is light and contemporary, with unified planting, high impact interior graphics, a variety of meeting and breakout rooms, and an interconnecting stairway. Glazing and timber-look cladding gives the exterior a commercial look, while presenting a high quality façade to the streetscape.   

Sector: Industrial, Resources & Utilities
Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

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