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Raumati Bowling Club

“We couldn’t have asked for a better relationship. Every request or query was responded to quickly and efficiently, and the finished product has delighted our members and visitors. Thank you TigerTurf,” says John McBeth, the President of the Raumati Bowling Club.

  • Turf: Bowls
  • Date Project Completed: February 2020
  • Area: 36.6m x 36.6m [1,339m2]
  • Surface: TigerTurf TigerWeave
  • Base: Excavate and regrade top basecourse

Raumati Bowling Club installs its second TigerTurf Woven Bowling Green
The installation of the new TigerWeave Bowling green for the Raumati Bowling Club in Kapiti was a full construction project for TigerTurf and a most enjoyable one. And how did the Raumati Bowling Club arrive at their decision in selecting the best supplier for this project? Our reputation, which had already led to the club’s previous TigerWeave project with us: “We had an easy decision to make in choosing TigerTurf for this project.

TigerWeave gives bowlers consistent playing conditions and improved ball control
TigerTurf has an excellent reputation, which had led to our commissioning TigerTurf 8 years ago to lay our first TigerWeave green, which has been an outstanding success.”

This was the second top international TigerWeave green TigerTurf had installed for the club, and we were delighted to learn how much pleasure the first green had given the bowling members.

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