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Remuera Residential Landscaping

This extremely steep site had some additional challenges but nothing that couldn’t be addressed with quality design and landscaping. The client asked for a welcoming entrance area, access to the back garden where a patio and entertainment area should be created, with privacy from the neighbouring properties.

An overland flow path needed to be re-directed to the side of the property and turned into a natural water feature, finishing all of the areas off with interesting contemporary low-maintenance planting. The large retaining walls have the NZ native Tecomanthe speciosa planted at the bottom with stainless steel wires providing a frame for them to climb up. They will create a natural green wall with their large glossy green leaves and beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers. The client opted for artificial turf to keep maintenance to a minimum. All decking is build out of Kwila which turns silver with age to contrast the lush planting, as does the natural black mulch finish, which keeps weeds down and retains moisture over summer.

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