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Richmond Hill

Sowerby sits on a long flat hill site with 180 degree views of the ocean, across Sumner Bay to the Alps in the distance. The home was designed with a requirement to maximise views from every space, support a growing family, be single story and cleanly detailed with a minimal aesthetic.

The need to accommodate both a growing young family and the ability to adapt to accomodate visiting overseas parents was a priority.

Considering the possibility of views being built out below was also a request. A delicate task with only a subtle gradient and single story home requirement. We responded by siting the building higher upslope and re-contouring the land below. The dwelling is perched in a position to capture as much view as possible over the top of any further development below.

Our clients have a love of unfussy simplicity and a an admiration of mid century, minimalist architecture. They wanted the home to feel like it sat gently on the land, was protected from the prevailing winds and offered shaded spaces from the summer sun.

Sowerby has been designed with a nod to the mid century. Expansive eave overhangs and a clean vertical rhythm draw this elongated form across the long, narrow site. Taking in view lines over Pegasus bay connecting to Kaikoura and the Southern Alps.

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