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Riverina Primary School

TigerTurf Atomic 40 installed with a TenCate Sine® Pad beneath the turf surface made it possible for Riverina Primary School to have a top performance football pitch.

  • Turf: Eductaion & Football
  • Area: 1,040m2
  • Surface: TigerTurf Atomic 40 and Sine pad
  • Base: Dynamic base and sub-soil drains
  • Completed: January 2016

Wet conditions kept the school playing field closed all winter.
Riverina Primary School asked TigerTurf to come up with a plan to overcome the wet conditions that kept the school playing field closed all winter. The school wanted TigerTurf to install a top level football pitch just like the full-size football field we constructed at the Michaels Avenue Reserve in 2013.

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