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Geyser by Patterson Associates is a architecturally designed commercial block utilizing industry leading technology and construction detailing to achieve a New Zealand first and world leading Green Star 6 rating. The building features very strong, angular and oblique highlights throughout the floor plan, walls, ceiling and façade with the occasional concrete pillar introduced in the planar elevation adding a subtle curvature to the interior.

The finishing and furniture is designed to offset and balance the rigid with the organic. Sculpted curvilinear seating help to contrast the jagged nature of the architecture. Subtle off white hues introduced in the furniture and coffee-table books add a tone of warmth and character in the otherwise mono saturated interior. The texture of the boucle and the rounded form of a timeless Eames chair play a critical role in breaking down the rigidity of the concrete via a layering of softer, organic tones.

Photography by Sam. W

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We are Shape, an architectural design studio based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The practice is a design-led and client focused studio specializing in residential architecture ranging from large scale subdivision to luxury townhouse developments to premium lifestyle homes.

Our team consists of Registered Architects & Architectural Designers with extensive building experience throughout many years in the industry.

The studio approaches every project with a commitment to design excellence and a thoughtful consideration of site and place. Every design we do is bespoke, and no two projects are the same. This is because no two clients and no two sites are either.

This process involves a collaborative approach, working with and alongside the client to intricately explore notions of design, context, layout, space, light, history, culture, and materiality. We pride ourselves on being able to holistically design and solve a complex of architectural issues to deliver a project that is both appropriate to its context yet seamlessly integrated into the manner in which our clients prefer to live.

We thank and are grateful for our ever-growing network of clients and we look forward to sitting down with new clients to discuss ways we can help their next project take shape.

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