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Smartfit On The Block

Fletcher Window & Door Systems (now Altus) have for the past 5 years used the TV show "The Block" to showcase many of its popular or newly released products. Over the years we have shown many innovative solutions from Foldback® Bifold doors and over the wall stacking doors through to the ultimate in indoor/outdoor flow the LevelStep® sill options.

For 2016 we showcased quite possibly our most revolutionary product - Smartfit® Window Technology. Being a fully integrated window with built-in head flashings, end dams and sill support bars along with a face fixing fin made it so easy to install. Which was noted as even contestants were able to install the windows and doors.

"Speaking to the builders on-site, they absolutely love Smartfit!" - Site Forman, Peter Wolfkamp 

The Block is never easy and it is just as hard for the suppliers as it is the contestants. Months of preparation goes into making sure the right products are selected and detailed for both consent and build. 2016 was 'on trend' for difficulty. Five dilapidated townhouses circa 1980, all marred with the leaky building syndrome and in some serious need of a bit of TLC. The solution was a stark contrast to its former self. The revamped homes featured many passive and high performance home elements. The Ecoply Rigid Air Barrier was a conscious decision by the Architect from the outset. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to showcase Smartfit.

Smartfit not only offered easy and fast installation - which was ideal for a time critical show like The Block. It also allowed for an early close-in when used in conjunction with Eco ply, meaning pre-line could start almost simultaneously. The final result was four well presented homes offering smart solutions everywhere your eyes could see and just as many you couldn't see.

Location - Auckland
Architect / Designer - Context Architects
Systems - Smartfit™ Window Technology
Products - Foldback™ Bifold
Industry Sector - Residential

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Smartfit On The Block

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