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Stelvio, The Peak

Perched on perhaps the most powerful piece of land in Queenstown, this grand holiday home occupies the uppermost site of Queenstown Hill, commanding almost vertical views down over Queenstown and across the majestic alpine vistas beyond.

Carved partly into the steep hillside, architect Frances Whitaker says the extreme gradients of the site were somewhat challenging. What transpired though, was a long narrow form that follows the contour of the land, sitting lengthways across the site.

The basement or ground level incorporates the carparks and forms the main entrance to the home. Visitors drive directly into the building and enter its upper levels by way of a suspended glass door system leading into a timber-lined lobby where a cantilevered staircase and lift exist, both accessing the two floors above.

A mix of concrete and stone, from the exterior, the home’s three levels create a visual distinction. The top level is home to a steel and glass pavilion capped by two outdoor stone fireplaces – chimneys that begin at the basement level and follow through the two upper levels to create a juxtaposition of verticality to the otherwise horizontal lines.

“It has a certain poetic architectural form in its powerful horizontal slabs supported by vertical columns,” Francis says. “Terraces extend from each end of the home accentuating the length, grandeur and horizontality of the building, while the rooflines float up over them to create an uplifting experience.”

Project Type: International Retreat

Location: Queenstown Hill

Floor Area: 880m2

Year: 2015

Project Team: Triple Star Management Ltd

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