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Shafer Design Studio Limited is a landscape architecture design studio with a team of passionate and collaborative designers producing high-quality landscapes. At Shafer Design Studio Limited, we strive for innovation and imagination in all projects undertaken.

Simplicity, clarity and structure along with timeless design are features of Shafer Design Studio Ltd projects.

The team involve clients in the design process from the very beginning, being sensitive to their needs and the characteristics of the existing landscape and architecture. Rather than imposing our own style on a client’s garden, we prefer to act as tools, by which the clients can bring their own ideas to life. 

Past clients have appreciated our open communication and willingness to create a design which is unique to their tastes and lifestyles. We prefer to keep away from fads and flashy design which can quickly date- instead we work towards simple, timeless gardens which will maintain their integrity for years to come.  

“People who are involved in the process feel as if their gardens belong to them, and tend to enjoy them better.”