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The Riverbank Lane

Located in the heart of Hamilton, The Riverbank Lane is a mixed-use destination that is home to a selection of boutique operators.  Originally opened in 1978 as The Riverbank Mall, this property stood largely vacant for nearly a decade before selling in early 2014. 

The Lanes refurbishment stitches itself into the urban fabric of Hamilton and aims to encourage a new way of thinking about tenanted spaces and inspire a fresh look at the potential of similar opportunities throughout the CBD.

Victoria street has historically been a single thread of linear space with building facades lining each side and continuous canopies limiting the experience to a sequential experience of shopfronts.  Breaking the canopy was a distinct design strategy to create an interruption in the elevation and signifies the entrance. Its double height encourages the guest to look upward and perceive the built form as a whole.

While the individual tenancies have their own distinct feel, the design has sought to create a language that unifies them.  Tab signage, planting, and ingenuity contribute to the “Lane feel”.  As each tenancy has been fitted out, the various designers have caught on and maintained the authentic and tactile experience. All obey the unspoken rule; “ceiling tiles are not welcome here”.

"From neglect and decay comes rebirth: the Riverbank Mall sat vacant for a decade, now revitalised as Riverbank Lane it provides a vital link between Victoria Street, Victoria on the Park and the Waikato River.

The architect's deliberate slicing of the Victoria Street canopy clearly signifies entry and exposes the interior of the lane.  The lane 'feel' is further enriched by the various tenants, who collectively underwrite the architectural aesthetic through the design quality of their respective operations."

- NZIA Waikato / Bay of Plenty Jury

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