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TigerTurf Indian Summer lawn adds grace to your home and brings you lasting benefits

“We are thrilled with our fabulous Indian Summer lawn, TigerTurf, one of the most rewarding events in our family for years. We’re especially grateful for your excellent service and professional finish.”

  • Turf: Landscape
  • Date Project Completed: May 2020
  • Area: 230m2
  • Surface: TigerTurf Indian Summer
  • Base: Dynamic base built by others

None of the challenges or hard work for homeowners wanting the perfect lawn
A lush TigerTurf Indian Summer lawn relieved our client from the irritation of a natural lawn in dire need of a total renovation. TigerTurf had been keenly recommended by neighbours whose garden we transformed from difficult to delightful with a fabulous TigerTurf Indian Summer lawn. Having seen the splendid garden setting we had completed for the neighbours, our client knew Indian Summer was just what she needed, and commissioned TigerTurf to create some magic in her own garden.

Replacing a natural lawn in dire need of a total renovation
We set out to achieve an outstanding result for our Karaka client, and now she is over the moon with her brilliant TigerTurf Indian Summer lawn makeover.

Our client wanted 5 easily maintained lawns for family use throughout the year, which would also create an attractive, restful green view from every window of the home.

TigerTurf creates a professional finish for every project, small or comprehensive
The TigerTurf team worked to the client’s brief, producing 5 durable, gorgeous Indian Summer lawns that have given her family a garden to lift the spirits, with that peaceful ambience evoked by a perfect lawn.

We replaced the worn grass of the berm with the same dense, durable Indian Summer lawn, with Jakmat beneath for support. We generally use Jakmat to stabilise turf where vehicles will be driven over a lawn or parked on it. This keeps the area in tiptop condition all year despite heavy foot traffic or parked cars.

TigerTurf Indian Summer for easy, yet luxurious, relaxing gardens
The dense, luxurious thatch of TigerTurf Indian Summer attracted our client, as perhaps the most obvious of the many fantastic qualities which are taking Indian Summer to the top of our landscape grass list. The dense weave and sturdy construction of the turf maintains the structure of the lawn in heavy use areas and forms a rich green lawn with hints of summer gold that creates a dramatic view from windows, with a soft cushioned surface for outdoor recreational use.

The relaxed repose of Indian Summer creates a tranquil setting to come home to, with none of the challenges and hard work facing gardeners who strive endlessly to maintain a perfect natural grass lawn in tiptop condition.

The TigerTurf team was delighted to hear of the pleasure Indian Summer has given our client’s family – the project was a wonderful experience for us too.

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