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Turn your lawn into your own care-free golf green

Naturally, when you are keen golfers with a difficult lawn to maintain, your thoughts turn to converting the lawn into your own carefree golf putting green. So create your own golf green today and get to work on your short game at home.

  • Turf: Golf
  • Date Project Completed: February 2017
  • Area: 70m2
  • Surface: TigerTurf Pure Putt and Envy 35
  • Base: Shaped aggregate base

Turn a shady, difficult to maintain area, into a health benefit
A shady patch made growing a lawn a challenge for our clients, so they asked us to turn their liability into a health benefit – regular exercise and fun with friends and family out in the fresh air, all in the name of improving their short game on their home putting green.

TigerTurf Pure Putt for home golf greens
TigerTurf Pure Putt was used for the golf green. Our premium golf green, specially designed for residential putting greens, Pure Putt produces a true roll and a speed just right for home greens.

From a worn dry lawn to a fresh green oasis:

- Full construction to suit your site
We widened the garden, building a stone wall to lift the outer side of the green, forming a slope with enough camber to take the ball around the corner and up to the extra hole at the top of the green. Then we added good drainage and shaped the base ready for the TigerTurf Pure Putt surface.

- A smooth golf green will become the feature of your garden
TigerTurf Envy 35 was laid around the outside of the green to provide a contrast of texture and colour, being a slightly darker green that sets off the glowing emerald of the green. The putting lawn is an attractive feature of the garden and a focus for family activity.

- Enjoy regular practice at any time on your easy-care green
With very little maintenance required to keep the green in tip-top condition, you can put more time into putting practice. In fact the more you play, the happier your golf green will be.

We do enjoy these home green projects, transforming a damp, sparse lawn, or worn dry lawn into a fresh green oasis overnight. And we enjoy working with golfers – they are so much fun!

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