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Wellington Airport "The Rock"

Architect: Studio Pacific
Product: Décortech Firesafe MDF with Macrocarpa Veneer, Custom Slots and Décortech Factory Applied Clear Satin Finish.
Acoustic Backing: Decoustic 85

Macrocarpa veneer in Firesafe MDF was used to bring warmth and personality to the interior. Triangulated Macrocarpa veneered panels created a 3D effect with the triangles set against black panels to create a stunning negative detail. The timber panels were used to create a warm and welcoming interior with the slotted perforations allowing air to pass through. There were over 650 individual panels manufactured for Wellington Airport and while challenging the results are well worth the effort.

The Firesafe MDF, with a SDI-0 and SFI-5, gives the required fire rating allowing for a hard wearing clear satin finish to be applied and eliminating the need for intumescent paints to be applied onsite.

Decoustic 85 Felt was bonded to the back of the panels to further absorb sound and increase the acoustic properties of the panels.

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