Westmere Retreat
Westmere Retreat
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Westmere, Auckland
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$0 - $0.25m

Introducing the Westmere Retreat! This project, completed in 2023, is the perfect example of a classic garden retreat for small properties. Picture this: a small pool nestled in a lush green setting, creating a family living space that's ideal for a relaxed lifestyle

With a focus on outdoor living and residential landscaping, the Westmere Retreat is designed to be a tranquil oasis in the midst of urban living. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or create lasting memories with loved ones, this project is all about combining beauty and functionality in a small but impactful way. Get ready to transform your property into a little slice of paradise!

This 8.2m x 3.77m swimming pool with an average depth of 1.6m stands out for its incorporation of unique and innovative elements that set it apart in residential landscape design, typically you would expect this sort of landscape in rural areas on a much larger scale.  

The use of custom made metal round rods for fencing ensured compliance and added appeal to the outdoor space, a stylish alternative to traditional boring fencing materials. They were fixed beneath the decking boards so this reduced the opportunity to bang toes and trip with traditional top fixed rods.  

The NZ quarried Paradise Stone crazy paving brings a dynamic and eclectic element to the landscape design. This irregular pattern of paving stones adds texture and visual interest, to the small space.  

Jewels 4 Pool Ultra pool render in a custom blended colour is a smooth luxurious product that is easy on swimmers skin & swimwear and looks great in the very 'kiwi' pool area. This innovative pool finish offers enhanced durability and unique colour options, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.  

Additionally, the integration of multiple energy-saving equipment, such as LED lighting, variable-speed pool pump automatic water leveller, larger coping overhang, robotic cleaner and 50mm pressure pipe and insulated plant room demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. 

These installations not only reduce energy consumption and allow the home owner cost savings, but also promote eco-conscious design and operation.  

Overall, by incorporating all of these above-mentioned elements, the project achieved a harmonious balance of style, functionality, and sustainability, setting the bar high for residential landscape design and pool construction, that is enjoyed by this lucky family well past the typical summer months!

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